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International All Stars Gymnastics Camp
Gru 16 – Gru 20 całodniowy

Hello Folks !
We are happy to introduce you a newest project at European map. All Stars Gymnastics Camp is an answer for everyone who wants participate in gymnastics trainings for adults in professional way.


Camp is dedicated to everyone who want try artistic gymnastics trainings. We offer our camp to adults who train Parkour, Acrobatics, Street Workout, Crossfit, amateur gymnastics, Pole Dance, Dancing and any kind of functional trainings which are based on gymnastics elements.

We offer you full options of artistics gymnastics essence of training at professional gymnastics hall. You will be lead by professional and experienced gymnastics coaches.

✯✯✯ WHERE ✯✯✯

We want to meet you at newest artistics gymnastics hall named by our Polish Olympics Gold Medalist Leszek Blanik in Gdansk. It is located at Academy Of Physical Education and Sports area.

more about our Champion:
Olympics Golden Medal Vault competition in Pekin 2008:

Gdansk – One of the oldest cities in Poland. Mostly important because of biggest port at polish Baltic area. Here has started Second World War at Westerplatte, here was mainly communication from Poland to rest the world. Gdansk is also called Tricity metropoly, because its well communicated with other cities Sopot and Gdynia. In city you can find beatiful renovated Old Town, hundred of pubs, restaurants and few big museums such as:Second World War Museum or Solidarność Museum. Here also has started a history where The Polish People built resistance against Communism.


For our foreign clients we chose for you best option to take care of your rest between trainings.

Nearly from Gdansk Oliwa train station ( where you can get easly to the centre of Gdansk or to see Gdynia / Sopot / Baltic Sea ) and 15 mins by walk to Gymnastics Hall is located our Hilton Hotel.


We have for you 2 and 3 person rooms and place for integration with bar.


We know that participants of our camp will need best quality nutrition. So we chose best option for an sports catering which help you take care about calories. We are quite sure that our polish food will suit your needs

More details about food company we will inform soon

✯✯✯ COACHES ✯✯✯

1. Marcin Szyc – Polish Artistics Gymnastics Coach, an expert in Crossfit Gymnastics

2. Paweł Wierzchoń – Polish Artistics Gymnastics Coach

3. Coaches and instructors
More details about rest of crew we will inform soon


1. Matla’s Group – Led by Coach Paweł Wierzchoń – up to 20 participants
2. International Group – More details about rest Coach we will inform soon – up to 20 participants
3. Polish Crossfit Group – Ledy by Coach Marcin Szyc – up to 20 participants


More details about training program for each group we will inform soon


– Old town sightseeing
– Going out for swimmingpool
– Challenge day with awards
– Integration nights
– Integration games
– Gymnastics Elements workshops
– Gymnastics elements analyze
– Starter Pack ( include t-shirt, bag, silicon wrist band and other gifts )


Write to us an email at allstarsgymnasticscamp@gmail.com

1. Name and surname
2. Which country you come from
3. size of t-shirt
4. Send a payment for a account in amount 300 euro

More details about signing up and bank account we will inform soon

– Cost of our 6 day camp is 700 euro
in price is include:

– Sport catering
– Accomodation
– taking part in trainings
– going out for swimmingpool
– Starter Pack
– Pack of photos from our Camp
– Insurance